The department was set up to provide professionalism in trainees so that they may function effectively in the business environment. Today’s world is evolving into better and faster methods of transacting business.

The goals of our business programmes is to enable our graduates apply sound business principles.

This includes combining knowledge, skills and experiences to recognize opportunities or challenges identify alternative solutions, make choices and implement decisions.

The curriculum’s are designed to help trainees prepare themselves for service in the broad field of business as either creative employees or entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship training is thus given special attention. The courses also provide business consultancy and training to the community through short term courses

The courses are in certificate and diploma levels. The students are admitted as per their qualifications.

Special attention is paid to practical training within the institution and in-service training.

The development of these courses has emphasized the progression and continuity at various levels of training.

The courses are progressive from craft to Diploma level at our Institute. Students are admitted at different levels depending on their qualifications. A student can thereafter transfer credits to any university that recognizes our diplomas and enter as a mature student.

CoursesDurationExamination BodyGradeTuition fees per Term
Diploma in Business Management2 1/2 YearsKNECC-15,000/=
Diploma in Human Resource Management 2 1/2 YearsKNECC-15,000/=
Diploma in Business Administration1 1/4 YearsICMD+15,000/=
Diploma in Sales & Marketing1 1/4 YearsICMD+15,000/=
Diploma in Accounting & Finance1 1/4 YearsICMD+15,000/=
Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies Management1 1/4 YearsICMD+15,000/=
Diploma in Community Development1 1/4 YearsA.B.M.AD+15,000/=
Diploma in Human Resource Development1 1/4 YearsICMD+15,000/=

CoursesDurationExamination BodyGradeTuition fees per Term
French4 MonthsLevel 1Open3,000/=
4 MonthsLevel 1Open3,000/=