With the world moving towards digitization, here at Amboseli Institute of Hospitality & Technology (AIHT) have the School of ICT (Information Communication & Technology) so as to;

  • Help students become competent & confident users of technology.
  • Provide technology systems to enhance student learning.
  • Advance business & operational efficiency through effective implementation of ICT.

The curriculums are developed in response to the needs of the industry.

Special attention is paid to practical training within the institution and in-service training.


Students are admitted at different levels depending on their qualifications. A student can thereafter transfer credits to any university that recognizes our diplomas and enter as a mature student.

Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology


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CoursesDurationExamination BodyGradeTuition fees per Term
Diploma in Information Communication Technology2  1 /2 YearsKNECC-15,000/=
Certificate in Information Communication Technology1  1 /4 YearsKNECD+15,000/=
Diploma in computing & Information system1  1/4 YearsA.B.M.AD+15,000/=
Diploma in computer engineering1  1/4 YearsA.B.M.AD+15,000/=

CoursesDurationExamination BodyGradeTuition fees per Term
Computer Packages3 monthsA.I.H.TO Level5,000/=
Web Design
3 monthsA.I.H.TO Level15,000/=
Graphic Design3 monthsA.I.H.TO Level15,000/=